Siggy Francis

by Reuben Dettling

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Recorded over 2 days at BLDGS in Seattle, WA in the Summer of 2015

Huge thank you to Jay, Jack, Brandt, McKensie, Levi, Ancient Pools, Dunce, and Allen Boothe


released October 16, 2018

Rusty - drums and conga (track 6)
Spencer - guitar
James - bass and vocals
Reuben - guitar and vocals

Engineered by Brandon Hughes at BLDGS
Mixed by Kevin Christopher at Heavy Meadow Olympia and Tyson Griffin in Tacoma
Mastered by Mike Ditrio
Photo recovered by Hannah D


all rights reserved



Reuben Dettling Tacoma, Washington

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Track Name: Bleak
when things are looking bleak, i start to think,
about all of the love, you invested into me.

and it helps. i find light in the eyes of friends.

when things aren't looking up, i start to fill my cup.
the results aren't pretty, i feel filthy.

but i still look, i stick around, because i have to push through.

i can't give up now, that's what you taught me.

cuz when everything else is wrong,
there's still somewhere to belong.
Track Name: Hoodie in My Bed
when i think, the pain has stopped,
i remember that you are not,

you're not here with me
it's cold beneath my feet

i see the moon, through the fog
and i know, i'm not my thoughts

we are not our thoughts
our thoughts create the pain

but still your smell is haunting me
i can't seem to accept peace

when your hoodie's in my bed
Track Name: Madrone
why is it so hard for me to deal, with your transparent judgments and constant pressure?
sometimes i just want to explode, leave my blood on the drift wood and your shame follows

sometimes i just want to quit, hang myself from the madrone
you'll find me in the morning
half decomposed, your problems go, right out the window

it can be so hard for me to feel, but mostly say that i love and accept myself
sometimes i just want to implode, disappear into blackness, clearness follows

sometimes i just want to hide, go swimming at high tide
you'll never find me

i'll just float, your problems go, right out the window
Track Name: Knee Deep
when i called you, we talked on the phone
i blamed you for things that i had done alone

and now i feel it, consequences i deal with
i feel it, i see it

i told her it wouldn't happen oh so close to home
but the fear of fuckin up was deep within my bones

and now it's happened, and there is sadness
it's happened, actions trapped in

i hurt the ones, that i love
just like you, i'm just like you
makin promises, that we can't keep
but still tryin, tho we're knee deep
Track Name: Spun Out
spun out of control, i lost a dear friend
i can't control what i intake

and yet i feel like i can't move
i think i may lose, if i don't step up

dad i miss you, all of the time
i run around distracting my mind

but i still feel like i can't move
i think i may lose, if i don't step up

i hear your voice at night
and in the day time
dad i miss you
dad i miss you
Track Name: Stomach to Stone
be little with me tonight so i don't, feel alone
your smell on my shirt, turns my stomach to stone

i don't want to socialize with anyone but you,
when i don't have to

you're right that i panic when i don't, have a drink in my hand
it's something i'm gonna defeat it's part, of my plan

just don't push me to socialize with anyone when i,
i don't have to

i'll skip dinner just to be alone
don't tell them where i ran off to

i felt like a wounded mess you came down with your talons out
to feast on my brain and heart while i, was passin out

i took the pill from your hand and kissed you soft and started to float
an opiate dream, had me waking up, feelin unclean

but i'm still attracted to you
and you seem attracted to me
but you're in a relationship and i can't tell if this is okay with them
Track Name: Signs I've Left Behind
Taurus, Gemini, Aries, Cancer
these are signs that i've left behind, earlier on the drive

should i turn around? or even make a sound?

my tires blew out about a mile ago, i've been ridin on the rims
hoping i'd find your sign again but my lights are getting dim

my battery is low, windshield covered in snow

who has heat? who will tolerate me?
who has life? can you spare some tonight?
will you find someone new? who better suits you and will i?

Venus i thought i'd try you again, but Mars is looking warm
I should have steered clear from the start, away from your horns

your lungs are turning black, get up off your back

but then an hour pass i thought i'd give you a call, and you did not pick up
i said i'd stop coming around, what did you put in my cup?

you don't love me back, but i keep coming back

who has heat? who will balance with me?
who has life? is their light shining bright?
or are they tamping it down?
are their eyes to the ground?

or are they looking back into your eyes?
with confidence and pride.
that's what i want,
and it's what we all deserve.
Track Name: Hebdo
there is always death and there is life, we see it every day
the gunman on the street and children laughing while they play

it all comes from somewhere and i think it's deep inside
that's why we need to harness the best parts of our lives

the other day some people got killed right on my friends street
the same day that the world and my family welcomed my niece

there's a light side and a dark side, which one will you choose?
the path that leads to kindness? or the one where people lose?

just show people love. be sure to not judge. or have oppressive views, so they will love you too.
keep your mind clear, and your loved ones near, and your spirit strong, so we can fix what's wrong.
Track Name: Who do I Call Out to
who do i call out to?
who do i make it out to?
will they hear my cries?
will they feel the vibes?

who do i call out to?
mother earth is supposed to be holding me tight
father sky is a cold Autumn night
who do i make it out to? not to my insides
they're thirsty for life

i need to look within
i'm too familiar with sin
i need to look within
Track Name: Medley
you don't know me, nor do i
it can be so hard to see what's inside of me
love people build things and go to school
it's a strange world, don't listen to their lies.

just listen to your own heart

what is instinct anymore?
does man just want to fuck? i don't know what i'm here for
could drink myself silly and die alone
chose your own path, i don't want to abuse

what's given to me, live nomadic.


if the planes fly around, late at night in your town,
sing with me, sing with me

we'll all go slow and alone, if there's no friends there's no home

what is friendship anymore? why am i always feeling bored?
when i'm stuck inside my box, where is the key to unlock?

i know the world might be ending,
but i'm on this side of my path.
i don't know if it'll work out

but i can't give up now,
i can't give up now.
i won't give up yet.
live without regret


fuck pomodoro
i hate my job again and when i wake
i don't want to get up
i'd rather be fucked up

so i can go and be alone

you look at me, so comfortably
i start to think you think that i can't keep up

but when i speak i hear silence

fuck pomodoro
i hate my job again and when i wake
i wont eat breakfast, i want to go back to sleep
and crawl into her arms again

where it is warm, and no one knows i

can't keep up i think too much i don't read enough
my mind is so cluttered it's hard to sort it out

my cats and me don't seem to get along
i'm not calm they know what's going on
i got them on a whim, i want to go swim
out to sea, just you and me, or all alone.